Remuneration and Nomination Committee


In conformity with the terms of the Code of Corporate Governance, the Board of Directors set up the internal remuneration and nomination committee, which is made up of independent non executive directors.

The remuneration and nomination committee formulate proposals for the Board of Directors with regard to the emoluments for the Managing Director and the other directors who cover special roles. It is also responsible for proposing the adoption of general criteria for the remuneration of managers with strategic responsibilities, on the basis of the information provided by the Managing Director.

On 13 May 2021 the Board of Directors appointed the current committee, made up of board members Daniele Conti, Maria Adelaide Marchesoni, Silvia Vacca e Raffaella Viscardi, all of whom are in possession of the requisites of independence in accordance with the criteria established by the Financial Consolidation Act and the Code of Corporate Governance.



Name and surname Date of appointment      Role  
Daniele Conti 13/05/2021 Mamber  
Maria Adelaide Marchesoni 13/05/2021 Member
Silvia Vacca 13/05/2021


Raffaella Viscardi 13/05/2021


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